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Answers to Your Burning Questions

What types of tyres do you offer at Dan's Tyres?

At Dan's Tyres, we provide a wide range of tyre options to cater to your needs. Our selection includes quality part-worn tyres, brand new tyres from reputable manufacturers, and mobile tyre fitting services in Liverpool. Whether you're looking for cost-effective part-worn tyres near you or seeking professional mobile tyre fitting near me, we have got you covered.

How does the mobile tyre service work?

Our mobile tyre service is designed for ultimate convenience. Once you schedule an appointment, our skilled technicians will come to your specified location in Liverpool with all the necessary equipment for tyre replacement or repair. Our mobile tyres fitting near me service ensures that your vehicle is road-ready with minimal downtime.

Are part-worn tyres safe to use?

Absolutely! At Dan's Tyres, the safety of our customers is our top priority. Our part-worn tyres undergo rigorous inspection to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Additionally, our professional tyre fitting and comprehensive safety checks further ensure that you drive away with peace of mind.

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